Chimney Services In Syracuse, NY

As the highest point of many homes and structures, chimneys are prone to damage, cracking and other problems. Thanks to our harsh and ever-changing weather here in Syracuse, your chimney is constantly exposed to rain, snow, ice, and thawing and freezing.

No matter if your chimney is made of brick, mortar, tile, steel, or cast iron, it will need maintenance and repairs occasionally to extend its life. Replacement may even be necessary in extreme cases.

It is suggested that your chimney is inspected once a year to detect and prevent potential issues.

An old chimney may face the following the types of damage and problems:

  • Cracks and crevices
  • Settling
  • Lightning
  • Excessive usage
  • Moisture damage
  • Leaning and falling
  • Leaking
  • Blockages from bird nests, animals and obstructions

No matter the problem, our licensed and insured masonry contractors at Foundation Repair Syracuse can reliably repair, replace, or waterproof your chimney at an affordable cost.

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Chimney crack repair and replacement contractor

A damaged chimney should never be ignored. A fully functioning one reduces the threat of fire and unsafe indoor air quality.

A chimney that cannot contain heat and smoke and/or one that is structurally unstable must be repaired or replaced right away to reduce risks.

Chimney bricks and mortar most commonly break at the roof line, though other areas are prone to damage.

A cracking chimney requires repair and may need to be rebuilt entirely. On the plus side, a strong, water-resistant chimney will extend its life and reduce the need for future repairs.

Foundation Repair Syracuse delivers trusted chimney pointing, rebuilding, and replacement services. Our pointing option restores mortar joints while we also remove and replace failing mortar.

Thanks to our wide range of supplies and equipment, we can often match texture and color of cracking mortar that must be replaced.

We also repair and replace leaning and falling chimneys that are damaged from settling, and shifting from expansive soils.

Chimney waterproofing services

Chimney waterproofing is a relatively inexpensive way to lengthen its life. Waterproofing helps prevent water leaks and need for future repairs that can be extensive and costly.

Leaks often occur when the chimney’s flashing breaks down. The flashing is the material between the roof and chimney that prevents water from running into living areas.

We provide many treatment and barrier options to strengthen your chimney and prevent moisture problems. We thoroughly examine your chimney to deliver the right treatment in the most important areas.

Chimney cap installation

Another fairly cheap way to keep your chimney in good shape is to have a cap installed professionally. A cap provides protection against rain and snow, animals, and sparks that might fly out of the chimney and cause a fire on the roof.

Chimney caps additionally prevents leaks, water damage, blockages from bird and critters, liner deterioration, and more. It should be noted that blockages in your chimney can force dangerous carbon monoxide into your living area.

We only install caps that are durable, study, and will last long in protecting one of the most important parts of your home.

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