Foundation Inspections In Syracuse and Central NY

A strong foundation is necessary for providing structural support – whether it be for a residential home, apartment complex, commercial business or some other dwelling. It is also needed to keep out rain, soil, debris, small animals and more.

With our thorough and dependable foundation and crawl space inspections, Foundation Repair Syracuse ensures that your foundation is in its best shape to protect the structure and the people in it. Call us today at 315-888-5379 for a free assessment and estimate provided by one of our expert foundation inspection technicians.

Small cracks and cracking are common in most foundations and crawl spaces. Most can be adequately filled by waterproofing paint and other low-cost treatments.

However, it is possible that those small cracks can grow and present a danger to the foundation and structure. Equally and dangerous and problematic are noticeable horizontal cracks and stair step cracks in the mortar joints.

If you encounter such cracks, seek professional help from a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible.

Commons signs of a faulty foundation

Cracking isn’t the only sign that your foundation might need repair. Pay attention to these other signs:

  • Floors aren’t level
  • Standing water in the basement
  • Musty odors in the basement
  • Doors that jam and/or don’t latch correctly
  • Cracks in drywall, especially over doorways or windows or where walls meet the ceiling
  • Cracks in ceramic or vinyl tile over concrete floors
  • Jammed windows or windows that don’t close completely
  • Tipping chimneys

You can also check for foundation problems by using a level to check for leaning walls and looking at the foundation from corner to corner to make sure it isn’t bowing, bulging, or tipping.

Schedule a foundation inspection with Foundation Repair Syracuse if you are facing one of these problems with your home or business. Call us today for fast, reliable, and affordable service.

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