Foundation replacement and rebuilding in Syracuse, NY

Thanks to a wide-range or repair service options, in most cases, failing foundations and crawl spaces do not need to be completely replaced and rebuilt. In rare instances, however, foundation replacement is necessary.

The state of your foundation will determine the solution to the problem. If you notice your foundation is sagging, sloping, heaving, bowing or cracking, contact a foundation repair specialist for a thorough inspection.

As you might have suspected, totally replacing and rebuilding a foundation or crawl space can be costly and disruptive to your daily routine. We suggest that you consider all options before replacing a foundation.

Our contractors at Foundation Repair Syracuse deliver reliable and trusted inspections and provide you solutions that help you make the best decision for your home and budget. We’ll also tell you what caused the problem and what techniques we can uses as a solution.

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Our expert foundation replacement and restoration process

In the unusual case when your foundation must be replaced, you’re in good hands with Foundation Repair Syracuse. Our company is one of the few in Central New York to offer full-service foundation, basement and crawl space rebuilding and restoration.

Another reason to choose Foundation Repair Syracuse is our detailed attention in addressing the entire problem with warrantied solutions.

Some contractors will simply rebuild a foundation without addressing the real issue – poor soil. Ignoring soil problems will only leave you with a broke down foundation again years down the line.

Our foundation replacement process is simple. We generally follow these steps:

  1. Heavy equipment is brought in to excavate soil around and under the existing foundation. We also remove steps, gardens, patios, porches, and walkways around the foundation when necessary.
  2. The structure is the jacked up and placed on temporary supports.
  3. The walls are removed and new ones are constructed.
  4. The structure is lowered into place after the new foundation walls are built.
  5. Soil and landscape details are restored as much as possible.

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