Uneven and sagging floor repair in Syracuse, NY

Perhaps you’ve noticed recently that your floors are sagging, sloping, or heaving. Maybe you even see cracking in the concrete slab in your foundation or crawl space.

If you encounter any of these issues, it’s likely your foundation or crawl space has been affected by any number of circumstances that are causing your floors to be unlevel and uneven.

If your floors are bulging and sagging, call on a reliable foundation repair specialist to inspect the problem. The sooner the issue is addressed, repairs costs will likely be less and potential for bigger problems in the future will also decrease.

Syracuse Foundation Repair provides a full-range of foundation, basement, and crawl space repair, restoration, and replacement services. Among our options are solutions to fully fix settling and upheaval problems that are causing uneven floors in your home or commercial business.

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Causes of foundation settling, sagging, and heaving

As part of our inspection, we will let you know what is causing your foundation to sag or heave, and offer proven and warrantied remedies.

The cause of most settling and shifting foundations are weak soils. For crawl spaces, it could be a result of a failing or poorly built support system. Moisture and mold can also damage crawl space supports.

Heaving, meanwhile, is most often caused by expanding soils, frost, excessive precipitation and rain, and/or plumbing leaks.

It’s quite possible that your foundation or crawl space is encountering both heaving and settling, where one part is lifted and another is sinking, causing cracks and floors that are no longer level.

While settling and heaving are the opposite of each other, symptoms are similar. They include:

  • Uneven floors
  • Cracking concrete slabs
  • Interior doors jamming
  • Gaps between walls and doors, and floors beneath them
  • Tilting or falling chimneys
  • Cracks around doors and windows
  • Drywall cracking
  • Cracks in stair steps

Sagging and heaving solutions for your foundation or crawl space

There are many repair options for uneven floors. During our inspection, we examine and diagnose your foundation completely to deliver the best solution for your unique situation.

In the case of sinking foundations, piers extending deep beyond poor soils can be installed to hold concrete flooring in place and/or lift the slab entirely.

For crawl spaces, jacks, or adjustable steel posts, can be added to stabilize the structure.

For heaving, the solution might be as simple as repairing a plumbing leak. In extreme cases, parts or all the foundation floor and walls will have to be rebuilt.

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