Drainage Service In Syracuse and Central NY

Poor yard drainage can lead to many problems for you and your home or business. Potential issues include water seeping into the foundation and basement, and the unhealthy pool of water infested by mosquitoes.

In most cases, drainage problems with your lawn are easy and not costly to fix. Call Foundation Repair Syracuse today at 315-888-5379 for a free assessment, estimate and plan to eliminate water from your lawn for good.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in yard drainage solutions, we offer expertise and a wide range of service options that are reliable and affordable. The type of service option you might need depends on what is causing your drainage problem.

Yard drainage issues might not be as obvious as a huge pool of water in your lawn. You may notice small puddling in low areas, musty smells in your basement, or the slow erosion of a part of your lawn.

Common causes of wet and flooding yards

Poor drainage is often a result of:

  • Poor sloping of the land around your home or business. The surrounding land should gradually slope away from the foundation.
  • Soil that cannot stand up to and contain heavy rainfall and melting snow.
  • Low spots in the yard.
  • Sloping of nearby land that brings water onto your property.
  • Gutters have broken down and/or are filled with debris.
  • Downspouts do not carry water far enough away from home.

Our yard drainage solutions

Regardless of what might be causing your wet yard, do not ignore the problem as it has the potential to lead to costly repairs to your foundation, patio, porch, or pool. It may also result in a wet or flooded basement and damage to your belonging that are located there.

We offer the following solutions to yard drainage problems:

  • Sump pump and backup sump installation and repair
  • Yard drains
  • French drains
  • Drywell
  • Underground pipes to drain away from home

Call Foundation Repair Syracuse at 315-888-5379 today to schedule a free visit from one of our licensed yard drainage technicians. We deliver free assessments, no-obligations quotes, and plans to keep your yard dry for years to come.

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